Shane? Suzanne?

Shane? Suzanne?

I was looking through my contact list on my phone and deleting people I no longer keep in touch with…I do this about once a year. I came across two names that I swear, I never met. Shane and Suzanne.

Now Shane, was probably a guy I went out on a date with and it was so ordinary that I just don’t remember him at all. But what’s crazy is, like I mentioned before, I haven’t been dating that much and so I should remember if I went on a date with a guy named Shane. AND I DO NOT REMEMBER! Acutally, maybe he is a guy that I met online and we exchanged phone numbers and started talking but then never met up…that sounds like a more reasonable idea about what happened.

Who is Suzanne?!? You got me…Why would I have some gal’s phone number in my phone who I have never met before? Man, this is driving me crazy if I really think about it…Ohhh HOLD ON! After reading this post several times to make sure I have no spelling errors or typos, I just remembered who Suzanne is (but I still don’t remember a Shane).

In other news, the box fairy showed up at my house! I was doing some errands and came home to find a bunch of empty boxes on my porch. If you ever have to move, I hope the box fairy shows up at your house.

Also, since I’m moving, I told my dog that she’s no longer going to have a big yard to play in and she wagged her tail and gave me a kiss. I told my cat that nothing is going to change for her and she peed on my dog’s bed…twice…Poor Rhyo, the idea of moving is stressing her out.