1st Date in 8 months

1st Date in 8 months


I can’t believe it’s been 8 months since my last date…This was definitely the longest I’ve gone without a date. Best part about it though is that I feel so good because I truly know myself and what I need.

He found me on Plenty of Fish and contacted me first asking: “Have you ever dug in the dirt at 14,000ft looking for aquamarine? That’s an adventure!”  Right away he gets  bonus points for being creative. We sent a couple of messages back and fourth and decided to do dinner tonight. I’ll call him Drummer since he plays in a band. Here’s what I learned:

Pro: He was married for 15 years  (I like to hear this because to me, it shows he loved someone very much and tried to make it work but it just wasn’t meant to be).

Con: He now lives with his mother. =(

Pro: He said he can’t remember the last time he got drunk and also said he doesn’t abuse any drugs either.

Con: He said he has two kids and when I asked about them,  all he said was that they were in the city…shouldn’t a father have a little bit more to say about his kids?

Pro: He bought my dinner and drinks, even after I tried to insist that I pay my half.

Pro: He’s intelligent and the conversation was easy and it flowed nicely.

Pro: He gives good hugs. =)



A 1st date-The Traveler

A 1st date-The Traveler

It’s hard to feel good about myself when not working and especially since I was fired from my last job…Yet, with all this extra time on my hands, it actually is the perfect time to look for a date.

So, I spot someone cute on OK Cupid (let’s call him The Traveler) and my go to 1st message has always been “Hey, how’s your day going?” It show’s interest and that way if a guy likes me, he can respond back. And if a guy doesn’t see me as attractive, well, I haven’t invested any time so who cares…lol. I receive a response back from The Traveler and we message back and fourth a couple times. I ask where he has traveled to and he tells me: “It would almost be easier to tell you where I haven’t traveled outside the US then where I have, but I don’t mean that in a conceited way!” My thoughts: Yay! He likes to experience the world!

In my next message I let him know: “I have a Masters in Social Work and Library Science and I’m actually in between jobs right now.” I want him to know I’m not some deadbeat and that’s why I included my education…but I also want to admit that I don’t have a job at the moment…will I hear back?!?

I do!

His response: “Sounds like you couldn’t get enough of studying lol but that is quite an accomplishment and I’m sure you will land a job soon. Just don’t forget to have fun in your down time between jobs. :)” A perfect response back in my opinion.

So we met up this weekend and once again a guy lies about his height. =( He said he was 5’9″ and he’s my height-5’6″.

He was a talker…he only asked me one question in the two hours we hung out. No wait, he asked me two and the second one was “Do you live in this neighborhood?” Well, once he said that I knew either A) He has a TERRIBLE memory or B) He never even read my profile. Not only do I not list “Denver” as the city I currently live in but my first sentence in my profile explains where I’m living and where I hope to be living soon. At one point he said “I can talk about anything-I can talk about your shirt or I can talk about your glasses…” (and then went on a 5 min monologue about how he just got glasses). He does have a very cool job-he’s a sound guy for a big name musician. And he did make me laugh several times. Maybe he was just nervous so if he asks me out again, I will meet up with him for another date because I believe we all deserve second chances.