YOU have the POWER

YOU have the POWER

Was lucky enough to find my own therapist while visiting a city last night. My therapist had no degree in psych and this was at a bar…but the Universe knew I needed him last night.

After not passing a test which I now have taken 5 times and yesterday only missed passing by 2 questions; I had gone to the bar not depressed but confused on where I am supposed to go from here.

I’ve never felt more alive than I have while working as a therapist at the jail.

I brought up my situation to this stranger/therapist and he told me “fuck the test…I never would have been able to pass any sort of test for my job.” He went on to talk about his dysfunctional relationship with his father and how he has never let his father get the best of him. He said: “I have the power to decide how he is going to affect me and you have the power to decide how this will affect you.”

Did I know this? I did but of course was not remembering this last night. The universe knew I needed to hear this though…that’s how the universe works…




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