20 years in prison

20 years in prison

I basically ignored my blog in 2017. I threw myself into work and on the weekends I spent time reading outside during my free time.

I’ve NEVER been into new year’s resolutions but this year I am…I think it’s because I started eating REALLY unhealthy, drinking a lot of alcohol, and thinking it doesn’t matter anymore.

What the heck was I thinking?!?

Of course it matters.

So one of my resolutions is to get back to this blog.

I have a client now who was in prison for about 20 years. He was released recently and was only able to make it in society for a few months before he was arrested.  He’s SO hopeless right now. I actually cried in our session this past week…that’s the first time I cried in a session. He was talking about how he has already been offered a 2-6 year sentence at prison but he is not going to take it. He said he can’t spend one more day in prison. He said that no one sent him a Christmas card. He said do you know how hard it is to have no one think of you? He does not think he can make it in this world.  He said he has no faith in our system.

I told him he can’t judge rather or not he can make it in society by the few months he spent out in this world. I said let’s change the system then.




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