How to be your own therapist

How to be your own therapist

#1-Self Reflect

#2-Every Problem has a Solution

#3-Talk to your doctor about an antidepressant (if needed)

#4-Ice Cream

#1-So I’ve been down in the dumps for several reasons lately. I think being single is the hardest thing I’m dealing with right now. I’ve worked on me and have self love and moved to a town I love BUT I’m still single. With all my friends married and most with kids, it’s hard to see the constant happiness posted over and over again on Facebook. Now, I know marriage isn’t easy. I have one friend who is very honest with the struggles she is having with her husband. I know another getting a divorce because her husband cheated on her. So I’ve been thinking why is being single more difficult for me lately?!? And I realize it’s because basically I’ve not had a good date in OVER two years. I’ve stopped trying in this town. I am going to give Bumble a shot cause I haven’t been on that yet but I think this town is too small for a 40+ single woman.

#2-So, then I began thinking, if I don’t have a good date in the next 6 months, I could move. And if I move (and I know the town I want to try next) and then find someone in the next couple of years, I’ll have the rest of my 40’s, all of my 50s, 60s, and hopefully 70s and some 80s and THAT’S A LOT of time to be with someone. So just thinking about that has put me in a better mood.

#3-I’ve been on the same antidepressant for the past couple of years and it’s time for a change.

#4-You can never go wrong with ice cream.


3 thoughts on “How to be your own therapist

  1. depression sucks, hon. yes to new meds and also have you tried I’ve met a couple of cool people through a writing group I found on there. life can get lonely, married or not and things always seems to feel not so bad when new and interesting folks pop in and make an appearance. I do hope you meet lots of someones. 🙂


    1. I have tried meetup when I lived in another city…I just recently got back on it in the town that I live in now. I haven’t gone to any events yet, but I’ll start checking the website in 2018. And yes, when I first moved to the town I lived in I was SO happy because my new coworkers and I would hang out all the time. Now, we only get together every 3 months or so and I miss it. That’s cool you found a writing group. And FYI…I got a new boss about 3 months ago and I’m miserable at work now =( She micromanages, has ridiculous expectations, and is just annoying. This makes me sad cause I love the jail population but I can’t keep working with her. Thanks for checking in….

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