I had something happen at work today that I have to write about and this is really for my friends cause it will bore all the rest of you.

So the intern we have had the last 6 months had her final day today and she will now be a sub for us. I thought we got along really well. When she and I worked together about 3 months ago, I gave her suggestions on ways she could improve and she thanked me for the advice.

On Friday, we were scheduled to see a patient who has been found guilty in killing a 34 year old woman. He went to prison and I don’t know why he is back at our jail. But he is. I talked to him once before he was found guilty and the way he smiled at me GAVE ME THE CREEPS. He is the ONLY person I have felt uncomfortable around and so I told my supervisor and the intern I felt uncomfortable so could one of them see him. So the intern is pissed. I see it in her face.

Then today she is still holding a grudge towards me. So I ask her why she is mad. She said she questions my work ethic. I asked why. And she said sometimes I only see 2 patients and I said that is SO not true. I said I am not going to let you attack me on something that is not true. So then she says: well, I guess you don’t want to talk about it. And so she goes into our boss’s office and closes the door. I SURE ain’t gonna let her talk trash about me to my boss. I follow her. As soon as I walk into the door my boss says: “ok, let’s talk.”

So I start crying (I don’t why and I’m still wondering why I got so emotional) and said I don’t appreciate being accused of something that is not true. We talk about the creeper patient and my boss said that what the intern doesn’t know is that she did ask me about it on Friday and asked what I would have done if I was alone. I said I would have hated it but I would have seen him. Intern says, well, I just think you need to buck up and see patients. I said I learned in school that we all have a certain type of patient that will not be therapeutic for us to see so if that happens, it’s best to have another therapist to see the patient.

She didn’t bring up my “work ethic” but said sometimes I say: “You do this…” I said, I’m sorry, I will work on that because that is horrible communication. She also said I make up excuses to not work. She said on Friday I said I didn’t want to go to a certain POD because they never have a table. I said I did not say that…I asked if we could have a table in the POD (it’s really silly, I have to have the laptop physically on my lap….lol…that did just make me chuckle!).  I never said I wouldn’t go see patients there.

So anyways, that’s my rant…I’m just annoyed and upsetshe is making up crap about me. It’s my Friday so I think the stress of the week just made this a difficult day. I have a couple of patients I want to write about but I’ll do that in the next few days.


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