Good Day

Good Day

Finally had a day where I felt like myself most of the day…feels good to have a good day.

Had a great interview today with a guy who had such a good vibe. He is a Veteran and he talked briefly about being homeless for 6 months. Everything that came out of his mouth, I was thinking: “I like how this guy handles situations.” The only thing is the pay and the hours would not be enough to pay my rent. =( I guess I will take it if offered and then continue to look for another part time job.

I’ve been reading over my past posts and the advice I’ve given others…I need to remember it WILL get better it just takes patience.


Pic taken last year close to home on a hike



2 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. Yeah, it’s so much easier to give other people good advice than it is to take your own. I sound much wiser when I’m talking to other people than I do when I’m advising myself inside my own head. Your attitude is great, though! Relish the good moments, take this job if it will at least pay some of your bills, figure out how to pay the rest of them some other way, keep looking for a better full-time job.

    By the way, I heard a great quote today, and I’ll probably write about it tomorrow. “Adversity is the spice of life.” I had never heard that before, but I like it.

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