Denied unemployment =(

Denied unemployment =(

It’s been a rough couple of weeks…I’ve been feeling depressed and not like myself. Trying to focus on the moment so it doesn’t get too dark.
If I was offered a job tomorrow, I’d take it. I don’t want to be unemployed. Yet, what I have learned from previous unemployment, finding another job takes time. Even with two Masters. And shouldn’t all that money that went towards my education mean I don’t need to walk down to the neighborhood McDonald’s looking for a job?!? But part of me feels like I need to because I was denied unemployment yesterday. They denied me because I “resulted or could have resulted in serious damage to the employer’s interests.” If you need to know why I’m unemployed read this:  Things falling apart…
I can file an appeal and state why I disagree with the decision. This is still VERY stressful even knowing this. If I have a witness, I can provide his/her name and I think my coworker we be willing to testify that I texted her letting her know I accidentally sent the text to my supervisor the moment it happened. Will that help? I don’t know…
I do have an interview this coming Tuesday. I sent my resume to an agency last Monday and they called me Tuesday.
I keep telling myself I’ll get through this…trying to believe it but it’s kind of hard right now…

Gratitude for today: 1. My friend Renee who took care of my dog the last two weeks (I was “homeless.” The apartment I thought I was going to move into on the 4th or 5th told me on the 1st that it wouldn’t be ready until the 13th…fun times). 2. Blueberry muffins 3. The beautiful mountains that surround me


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