Power of forgiveness and other thoughts

Power of forgiveness and other thoughts


Just watched a powerful couple minutes of journalism (a police officer falsified a report and an innocent man had to go to prison for 4 years…they eventually start working at the same place and the innocent man said he forgave him “for our sake”):


I’ve been thinking about what my next chapter should be…I’ll get any job to pay the bills and then in my free time, I want to find a place where I can be happy these next few years.

I’m SO tired of having crappy supervisors (not you Ruth Ann!) A friend posted this recently on Facebook and I feel like this is what I have dealt with in my last three jobs: There are some people who put you down in life, mock your dreams,and challenge your personality; they look like winners. But in actual fact,they are only voicing out their insecurities and jealousy. Do not let them pull you down. Believe and accept yourself and hold onto what you believe in.

I don’t believe in myself now which I know is sooo not good. Do I need to figure out how to work for myself so I don’t get kicked in the gut anymore?!? I loved the patients I met EVERY day while at the hospital. So do I move out of town to find another hospital to work for so I can do the same work? But that would mean I would leave the friends that I have made in the past year who have made it one of the best years of my life.  I have other questions going through this head of mine today too and no answers. I just need to give the universe time, right??

And my gratitude for today: blue skies, green grass, and french fries.




3 thoughts on “Power of forgiveness and other thoughts

  1. I hear you. A bad boss is one of the more soul-sucking, exhausting, discouraging things to deal with. I’ve had my share. I do small things on the side to earn money, but I never seem to earn very much, so I’m looking for a real, full-time job. Being self-employed is appealing, though.

    I’m struggling to forgive someone right now. It’s amazing to me that people manage to forgive people for doing really terrible things. Intellectually, I understand that it’s better to forgive, but on a purely emotional (and irrational) level sometimes I’d rather stay angry.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

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    1. I feel anger just eats at your soul…I think it would be REALLY hard to forgive some things (murder of a family member, for example) and I don’t know what I would do if that would happen to me…

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