Gratitude Journal continued…

Gratitude Journal continued…

Fri-April 29, 2016

  1. Music-my soul was starting to get heavy and it was getting dark today around me…hard to breathe…then I started to listen/watch a band (Nathaniel Rateliff) at Austin City Limits online and it became a little bit lighter and easier to breathe…I’ve always loved how music makes me feel.
  2. Just found the series Happy Valley and love it. Here’s a quick synopsis: Catherine Cawood is a strong-willed police sergeant in West Yorkshire, still coming to terms with the suicide of her daughter. Someone is kidnapped, someone (well, several people actually) are hurt, and there are lots of tears. Every episode kept me wondering what would happen next.
  3. My health

Sat-April 30, 2016

  1. My friend Shannon-we went on a hike this morning
  2. I received a message (from a past supervisor) this morning telling me about the first client I had as an intern at a homeless shelter. She was the first person who I provided therapy to…She now has her own place and wants to start her own nonprofit agency. She also wants to go to law school. She looked great and was a recipient of the “Celebration of Achievement” the agency does each year… The supervisor said she remembered me fondly, and in hindsight, the shelter was just what she needed to start the next part of her journey. What’s interesting is this supervisor was actually kind of an ass…I wanted to give this client a hug at one point and kind of gave her a half hug and he told me later how important it was to keep boundaries and hugging was a big no-no.
  3. Jade’s (my dog) happy hello every time I come through the door



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