Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

small crack

With my past patients who were depressed, one of my go to homework assignments was for them to start a gratitude journal. I would let them know it can be something small like the sun shinning or a good breakfast. I decided to start this for myself today and here are my three:

  1. Free beer last night-met some friends and the pitchers of beer kept coming =)
  2. Two nights ago, I met some other friends and they expressed great concern for me and stand by my side. One said that she told Cruella do Vil (old boss) she was angry with her with firing me.
  3. Rhyo (my kitty) purrs

I all ready have an interview Monday!!! Exactly what I needed to hear yesterday because I was feeling down in the dumps…the Universe will not let this kind hearted person down, right?!?!? And if I don’t get it, that will be ok, I just needed a sign…


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