The Universe has something else planned for me. I just don’t know it yet

The Universe has something else planned for me. I just don’t know it yet


I was looking at a new blog today and the person was unemployed and she talked about all she did last week and I at first I thought I should follow her cause I thought I’d be inspired. But today, as I was reading it, I was thinking “Dang, this gal accomplished way too much last week” so it was just depressing and I decided to unfollow her.

Unemployment is the best test for self love. If you can’t love yourself when you have no where to go and nothing to do, you’re screwed. The first time I was fired, it was after being at the same library for 9 years so I knew I needed a change. I spent my unemployment time excited that I was going to start a new career in social work. It also gave me time to start loving myself which I had never really done before. The second time I was fired, I was in a tiny town that had only had one stoplight so I learned to love myself even more. Now, I truly do love myself so it will be interesting to see what I discover this time around.

I don’t know anyone else who has been fired. Not one single person. And thinking about all three times that it has happened to me, every single time had to due with personality conflicts. And overall, I’m a pretty cool chic. And here is proof because this is what some of my coworkers had to say when they found out last week: “Will miss you my friend. Take care and keep in touch. You will go on to do bigger and better things without all the bull.” AND “Supper bummed out over here. Praying for you friend! I’m buying drinks next time too.” AND “You rock, I’m always here for you!” AND “What??? You are a very kind and an fabulous person!!! You are a super star!!!!” AND “Holy shit, I’m so sorry that happened. We will miss you terribly but maybe in some odd way what everyone thinks finally got back to her. Something better is headed your way girl.” AND “I’m so sad (and frustrated) after hearing about what happened today. You always brightened my day at work. You are such a bright, compassionate soul and i will miss seeing your face in the office. Let me know if I can do anything for you ❤️”

So as I get over being disappointed in myself, I’m trying to remember once again the wisdom I’ve given hundreds of others and telling myself the universe has something else planned for me. I just don’t know it yet.


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