It could be worse

It could be worse


Every ounce in my body does not even like thinking about the idea of having to look for work again. But things could be worse, I’m telling myself today. I could have cancer and having to go to chemo. I could have been sexually assaulted and  having nightmares every night. I could have Schizophrenia and believe my parents have stolen thousands of dollars from me.  I have been reading inspirational quotes all day and I think my favorite is: “GRATITUDE…the thing inside all of us that gives us the power to turn any situation from shitty to shiny.” So that’s what I’m trying to do…Be thankful for what I do have.

I’ve received tons of support from my coworkers…My friend/coworker Stacy wrote me this: “You didn’t threaten her. She should have accepted your apology and handled it like an adult, not a vindictive child. That was nothing that couldn’t have been worked out. Shows her true character.”




4 thoughts on “It could be worse

  1. Yes, exactly. She could have told you that your comment was hurtful and then forgiven you. That’s what an adult would have done. I am so sorry you’re dealing with this. Being out of work takes a lot of courage, and you shouldn’t even have to be dealing with this since you’re good at your job.

    I heard someone say, “Saying you can’t be sad because other people have it worse is no more logical than saying you can’t be happy because other people have it better.” Yes, cancer would be worse. But your pain is real, and it sucks, and you have a right to feel it.

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  2. you’ll be fine with the job hunt. you’re sweet and present well. it’s finding the right match that’s always difficult. but you can do it, lisa! shit. good supervisors are hard to find so look for an agency that operates with a Trauma Informed Care model. you can do this!


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