Things falling apart…

Things falling apart…

So how did this happen?

We were down two therapists…my supervisor, when fully staffed, takes 3 patients. When down two therapists, she chooses to also ONLY take 3 patients. That meant me and my coworker were running around with our heads cut off seeing all the patients we can see because WE know they need someone to talk to since they are in a psych hospital. I see 10 patients Tuesday. I complete 5 treatment plans on Wed (which are very time consuming) plus see 2 or 3 more. I’m very behind in my documentation. So, I come home Wednesday exhausted and frustrated.

I THINK I’m sending a text to my coworker that says the following: “Every time I saw Dawn (my supervisor) today I wanted to punch her in the face…seriously only 3 people?!?!? Ugh.”

It went to Dawn.

Dawn then texts me back: “I believe we need to talk tomorrow about this text. We can discuss it during our weekly session.”

I then send Dawn this: “I’m so sorry Dawn. I guess you were meant to hear how frustrated I was. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed.”

Next day, she cancels our weekly meeting at the time slot we are supposed to meet and instead asks me to meet at 1:45. I go in at 1:45 and only Dawn and an HR person are there. I told I’m being fired because I “threatened to assault her.” I said I meant no intent by it and I sent an apology text right after. Didn’t matter. They fired me. So that’s what happened.

I don’t even want to tell my family what happened because I’m so disappointed in me and I know my family will be disappointed in me. But one good friend said LOVE is stronger than disappointment so I”m going to be repeating that mantra to myself all day…



4 thoughts on “Things falling apart…

    1. yeah and this is really hard for me cause I REALLY loved providing therapy to inpatient clients…Now I’m in this town that I love and moved to a year ago so I think I’m gonna stay here for a couple of years and then actually move to the Denver area (since that’s where I’m from) and work for an inpatient hospital in that area..we will see what actually happens…that’s me plan for today…

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