I want to give up

I want to give up


Life IS HARD sometimes. You gotta dig deep sometimes. I’ve told this to hundreds of patients and now I need to remember this wisdom I’ve given to others. I just got fired. For the third time. And 99% of me wants to give up. I don’t want to tell my family about this and I actually probably won’t because I’m so ashamed and embarrassed. What the fuck?!?! The shittiest thing is that I was not judged on my performance or ability to be a kick ass therapist that I KNOW that I am. I’ve never received one complaint from a patient this past year. Not one. My boss didn’t like I was talking shit about her so she fired me. She didn’t want to talk about how I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, or that fact I was working 50-60 hours plus for the past year and not getting any overtime.

So how did this happen? I’ll write more tomorrow…Right now I just wanted to journal my depression cause it’s one of the best things for me to do now….


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