Worst Date EVER

Worst Date EVER


Since I last wrote about Drummer, I went to go see his band play and another night we went bowling. Over the weekend we drank some beer. And here’s what happened:

Me: “So ya gotta tell me, why don’t you like to talk about your kids??”

Him: “This isn’t the time.”

Me: “It’s the perfect time. We’re drinking beers.”

Him: “All right, let’s go for a walk. (We walk). So this is bad, it’s real bad. You know how gay people say they don’t choose to be gay. Well, it’s the same for me. When my kids (he has a daughter and son) were young, I touched them so I’m a sexual offender.”

Me: “Have you acted on your urges recently?”

Him: “No, the last time was about 15 years ago.”

Me: “Were there other kids?”

Him: “Yeah, a few others.” (I wonder how many are a few?!?!) “And it sucks because I want to put this behind me but I can’t cause it always comes up.”

Me: “Yeah, because there is knowing a difference between right and wrong and you did not consider that.  I just had to basically beg you to tell me. You need to tell a woman this after a few dates. She has the right to know.”

Him: “But I want someone to know me as me now. I didn’t have sex with them. ”

Me: “So you touched them and jerked off?”

Him: “Yeah.”

Me:  “I believe you that you are the way you are because it’s how you are born. But I can’t date you. I’ll be your friend.”

Him: “Every 3 years I have to do the stuff so I’m on the sexual registry list and in some ways I know I was lucky. If I had done this today, I would have had 15 years to life in prison and I didn’t have to go to prison. But what about the guy who beats up his wife over and over again? Isn’t that just as bad as what I did?”

Me: “Your right, it is.”

We then started talking about his kids…I went into therapist action. We went back in and I drank some more beer and he then said he “felt weird” and left. A few of my friends asked me where he was and I said: “He said he drank enough beer and wanted to go.”

I feel like I was kind to him and that I am proud of…And now I don’t want to date the rest of the year….lol…I really am fine being single.




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