My favorite message about Valentine’s Day comes from my favorite blogger Jenny Lawson. Since she’s the queen of blogging, you all probably know about her, but just in case someone doesn’t know her, go check her out at:

“Today is Valentine’s Day and that means you either spend all day wondering if your significant other is going to get you something, or you spend the day poisoning the roses that all the other girls in your office got. This is ridiculous because Valentine’s Day is pretty much just made up to sell shit…realize that this is a ridiculous non-holiday made to make everyone feel insecure about their relationships or lack thereof and instead use this day to do something lovely and sweet for yourself. For Valentine’s Day this year I’m giving myself the gift of watching foreign horror movies for the next four hours. Victor’s giving himself the gift of yelling at me to turn down the TV because there’s too much screaming leaking into his conference call. EVERYONE WINS. Your turn. Forgive yourself for something. Treat yourself. Remind yourself of something nice you like about yourself. Buy yourself a drink and let you take yourself home for a nice bubble bath and a wheel of cheese. Make home-made fondu and dip everything in the house in it. Dress your cats up and pretend they’re throwing a surprise party for you. Whatever. Just do something nice for you. Because you’re worth it. Trust me on this one.”




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