My heart is heavy

My heart is heavy

One of my patients found a family member dead by suicide…she blames herself and man, did I want to cry right along with her as she was talking about what happened. I kept it together but my heart was just heavy and sad. I was so pissed at this family member…Obviously, the individual wasn’t thinking straight and SO SAD she thought it would never get better. Depression sucks….I know I can help this patient, I really do…It was just sad that she was dealt a shitty hand.







4 thoughts on “My heart is heavy

  1. I think it’s so hard to imagine being that frog in boiling water (you know that story?). And yet, that’s what I imagine getting to the point of suicide feels like. You finally realize you’re boiling. So sad.


    1. I actually haven’t heard of it so just googled it…I like how Jenny Lawson explains depression and it’s how I now explain it to patients…Depression lies to people…u think there is no way out or it will never get better and than people start to believe it if they don’t get help…that’s how I think suicide happens….


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