I guess I’ll try this Tinder thing everyone is talking about

I guess I’ll try this Tinder thing everyone is talking about

I’ve been in no hurry to start dating again because I DO trust life…more so now than in any other time in my life. In my late 20s/early 30s, there were a few times I felt so hopeless because all my friends were getting married. I thought being single was the worst thing that could happen to a gal. One time, I drove from Denver to Salina, Kansas (about 6 hours) to meet a guy for a first date and when he let me know he wasn’t attracted to me, I can vividly remember calling my friends Scarlett and Cale sobbing because I thought my life was over because I was so tired of dating.

Now, I enjoy my life SO MUCH that honestly, I am in no hurry to date. I know I have mentioned before that my coworkers are awesome. We are always doing something (on Christmas I worked and after work, we had a party where we drank and played Cards Against Humanity-It was my first time and I won! What a FUN game!! This weekend there is another get together).   A few of my coworkers though are urging me to start dating again. I first said: “OK, OK, I’ll start dating again once the new year starts.” Then, a few weeks ago I said: “I’ll start after Valentines day.” Coworkers: “YOU SAID YOU WOULD start in the new year.” Me: “I know, I know, I’ve been thinking about it and I just want to wait till after V-Day.”

So that’s my plan….I haven’t been on Tinder yet so I want to see what Tinder is all about. Yet, I’ll need to buy a new phone because my current phone has very low data storage.  But now I’ll have to wait on the new phone because I just got rear ended while driving in Santa Fe. My car isn’t driveable and so I need to go car shopping. My plan is to try Tinder some time in 2016…hahaha =)



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