Met a Bishop who wasn’t pushing Christianity

Met a Bishop who wasn’t pushing Christianity


I had a cousin get married last night….After the ceremony, I was lucky enough and the universe knew having the bishop sit next to me during dinner was exactly what I needed. I just googled “bishop” to see exactly who I was dealing with last night and a bishop is a senior member of the Christian clergy, typically in charge of a diocese and empowered to confer holy orders.

What I most liked, no loved, about this bishop was he was DEFINITELY A SPIRITUAL MAN. He wasn’t pushing Christianity and he referenced different religions throughout our conversation (Hinduism and Buddhism were the big two).

So my question for him that I ponder and ponder about in the work that I do is: Why do some people get dealt a bad deck…why do bad things happen to good people? He had several thoughts and one is that almost everyone deals with pain and suffering…What is important is to let go of that pain and live within your heart. He also mentioned how many religions reference how our body (and I’m forgetting exactly how he put it, but you will understand) is only a temporary vessel for our spirit (which I have studied about before). And then he said, you know, we sometimes just don’t have an answer….


2 thoughts on “Met a Bishop who wasn’t pushing Christianity

  1. Hey! You’re not showing up in my reader!! My account associated with my blog gets checked about 3 times a year and tonight I noticed you’d posted!! YAY! In other news, intelligent religious leaders are a gift. And those who aren’t afraid to say that they don’t know are awesome. 🙂 Hope you’re having an excellent New Year.


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