Happy Endings are not Guaranteed

Happy Endings are not Guaranteed

been broken

One week at the hospital, I had meaningful and thought provoking discussions with two different patients. Both were women who were young and both had old souls.

One dealt with three traumatic events (raped and thrown across the room by a family member as a child-she went through vivid detail of this event that gave me chills; and then again raped as a teen). She cried  and asked: “How much trauma can one person experience?!?!” My response: “You’ve been screwed and have had to deal with too much. And I don’t know why.” This gal has a smile that would light up any room and she is trying so hard to let go of the past. She said at one point: “I can talk and talk about what has happened to me, I was raped and then raped again and it has done nothing for me.” I just ache knowing what she has been through and how unfair life has been for her.

The other gal thankfully has not had to experience trauma but she is more than likely going to lose a parent to cancer. She said “I’ve learned that there are no happy endings for some people. And that’s hard to realize.”  I agreed and said “I think that is when it is important to look at the quality of life and not the quantity.” I think that helped her…

I want to close with a saying I found on Instagram:

“How to stop time: Kiss

How to travel in time: Read

How to escape time: Music

How to feel time: Write

How to release time: Breath”

Source: Happsters


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