I took a world religions class many years ago and I still need to devote tons of hours studying and learning about all the religions. Many. many times at work I get asked by clients if I am religious. My response: “Religion is a fascinating concept…” Some ask: “You don’t believe in God?” Me: “I do believe in God but I feel there are many Gods out there and who am I to say that one God is better than another?”

I was just looking through the book The World’s Religions by Huston Smith and I think my next few posts are going to be dedicated to the different religions. It’s weird to me that we hardly ever hear about other religions.

Here is some of what I highlighted in the Hinduism chapter:

“The present condition of each interior life-how happy it is, how confused or serene, how much it sees-is an exact product of what it has wanted and done in the past. Equally, its present thoughts and decisions are determining its future experiences….This idea of karma…each individual is wholly responsible for his or her present condition and will have exactly the future he or she is now creating….Everybody gets exactly what is deserved-we have made our beds and must lie in them. We live in a world in which there is no chance or accident. Those words are simply covers for ignorance.”


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