Dating in 2015

Dating in 2015

I was looking through what I wrote this year and I had to reblog this one for those who haven’t read it

Life is Like a Roller Coaster Ride


This is what dating is like in 2015…Scrolling through pics on a dating site and sometimes seeing absurd pics like this one. I’m totally serious. I really do wonder what this guy was thinking…

Or maybe clowns aren’t your thing…than how about a werewolf…IMG_20150228_084038

Most of the pics are normal, but every once in awhile, there are crazy ones like these and I just didn’t think you would believe me unless I posted them. =)

Then, there is what is written in their profiles. Here are a few of the sad responses men give and I wonder why they even bothered to set up an account on a dating website. Dating sites all have questions so I have the dating sites questions/statements first and then various responses from men.

6 things I could never do without: “I let you figure it out boo.”

I spend a lot of time thinking about: “Thumbs.” “My…

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