Just me Rambling….

Just me Rambling….

Finishing up a 3 day weekend and I have a little time so thought I’d do some writing…but I just realized I have no anger, or sadness, or annoyance towards anyone or anything so I think this might be a boring blog post…haha.

Anyways, I haven’t been on any dates the last couple of months but I’m not concerned about this…and maybe I should, but I’m not. I’m having such a good time going out with coworkers, taking a ceramics class, and just being happy with life, that I’m not really interested in dating right now.

For work, I had to take this training where I learned a whole bunch of fancy techniques of what I could do if a patient starts to attack me….Honestly, I’m just gonna use the run technique and hope I run faster than the patient!

I could give you more details about why I feel my boss has issues. I went to a wedding this weekend and my boss was there. I thought I’d be polite and say hi so I sat down next to her and a coworker. My boss just kept rambling and rambling about some story. I waited like 5 minutes and she still didn’t stop talking or acknowledge me so I got up and sat in another spot that was still pretty close to my boss. Sat there for another 5 minutes. Still no hello from the boss…Seriously!?! When someone sits down next to me I a) Acknowledge them and say hello and b) Say something like “We were just talking about…” Isn’t that communication 101??? She’s SO weird!!

Happy stuff: One of my coworkers does a really cool art class with the patients about once a month…she asked me what item best represents me and I didn’t know what to pick. So, I asked my friends and family via Facebook what they thought and here are some of their responses: “Wind because you are a free spirit,”  “a hiking boot,” “chai tea. you just strike me as very earthy and exotic and sweet,” “a butterfly because you like to explore and take roads less traveled,” and “a beautiful wild bird.”

Guess that’s enough rambling…Here’s one of my favorite quotes…

Word - Peace[1]


One thought on “Just me Rambling….

  1. Always good to ramble from time to time. That won’t stop with time. be sure of that 😉
    I miss dating. Obviously my situation is a no go. Or at least has been for a few years now. Dating is the most important thing you lose with marriage. Dating your partner does have the same fire… Unless you make your marriage a neverending sex-with-love story… quite an utopia.
    Thanks for the follow, will check you too.

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