Even though my boss has issues, everything else is pretty awesome

Even though my boss has issues, everything else is pretty awesome

Not only do I have issues with my boss, but also two other coworkers who were hired shortly after me also complain about her. This is what she does…Well, I just started typing it and I realized it was too long and boring for you all so I deleted it. Basically, like one coworker said, you can’t change personality disorders and that’s what my boss has. She’s a micro manager with a personality disorder. It’s no fun at all. The GOOD news is, my coworkers are awesome! I’ve gone to a stripper club with them, gone drinking, played Bingo, ate pie with them, and now we are talking about checking out some wineries soon. Having fun coworkers means everything to me. I think since I’m single, coworkers end up being my second family, so I’m glad I lucked out and enjoy the people I work with every day.

My weekends end up pretty busy and they just fly by….Like this past weekend, I got up on my Saturday and made some cookies. Went to a football get together and brought my cookies which was a hit and one guy even called them fabulous. =) On my Sunday, I got up and it was raining so thought it would be a good day to read (past few months, I’ve been hiking on my Sundays). For some reason, my dog thought that this rain would be good running weather so she just runs off. And runs. I go inside and get my snow boots on because I don’t own rain boots. I live by this plant nursery that is huge. And super muddy now. About a half hour later, I finally spot my dog and she is truly the dirtiest dog I have ever seen. So that wasn’t awesome, but now she’s all clean and smells good, so life is good. =)



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