Sept has Flown By

Sept has Flown By

I finally have a few minutes to breath so thought I’d write a post.

I had a patient who was a complete jerk. This dude has been manipulating his girlfriend in such an awful way I hope she just runs as fast as she can to get away from him. This gal’s first husband committed suicide and she found him. Now, this jackass, was telling me yesterday about a time he was talking to this gal on the phone and they started fighting so he just stopped speaking. And this gal started yelling: “Are you there? Please don’t kill yourself….Are you there?? I’m coming…Don’t do anything.” And this jackass just listened to her and she drove 3 hours to make sure he was ok. He said some other things that made me want to punch him but I don’t want to spend any more time thinking about him.

Now on to happy stuff…Sept was a fun month! For my team’s season opener, Sam invited me over to watch the game and it was just me and 5 guys. I was so surprised when I walked in the house to see just the men but I think I played it cool. =) Then, a few days later, I met up with him at a concert to show where he brought another gal. So, now I know he just wants to be friends which of course I’m cool with. At the beginning of the month, I checked out a new part of my state and did a little hiking…the hiked kicked my butt because it was basically all up hill. Pottery/ceramics class is challenging but a good challenge…It’s harder than it looks! So that’s been my Sept…hope you all are having a lovely day! =)


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