If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee…

I’d let you know I actually can’t meet for coffee since I work but can we meet for a drink that night instead?

I’d fill you in on the guy I met over a month ago who I was excited about and wrote about here (let’s call him Sam). After that post, I’ve only seen him one other time. When my sister was visiting last weekend, she asked me about him. I said, I know if I texted him and said: Want to meet for a beer? he would meet me. But he hasn’t initiated a conversation with me the past month so that’s why I haven’t seen him.

A few night ago, I did decide to see what he would say if I texted him and so I sent: Hey, how’s life?

He texted me back with “Life is good! Been busy, for sure. Took on a major garden/landscape type project at my house so I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my free time. did get out on a hike today and it occurred to me at about the halfway point I should have checked to see if you wanted to go. 🙂 Next time! How’s life with you?” So, we will see if that does happen. If it does, cool. If it doesn’t, than obviously he has no interest so I’ll just keep moving on like I always do. =)

If we were having a drink, I’d tell you that I’ve been trying to pass this test so I can become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I’m a good communicator, listener, and writer, but when it comes to testing my knowledge, I just don’t do well. Even in high school, I had awful scores on the SAT/ACT. Anyways, I was bummed a few weeks ago when I didn’t pass the test (once again). I was also worried about my job because when I was hired, my boss mentioned she wanted me to finish all requirements of becoming a LCSW within 6 months of hired date. Last week though, my boss and I came up with a solution that is a win-win for both of us. I don’t have to worry about losing my job. YAY!!

If we were having a drink, I’d mention a client I have who finally was real with me and voiced his anger and frustration about his mental illness (Schizophrenia). He at one point yelled, “Who is going to want to date me when they find out I’ve been in a psych ward almost 10 times?!?!?!?!” This guy is young and obviously he has a valid concern. My response: “What you can tell anyone is that you have struggled with your mental health but you got help, you are on medications, and you are happy. You are not happy yet so you won’t meet that person until you are happy.”

The ‘If We Were Having Coffee’ series was created by Part Time Monster. Everyone is invited to join in, and you are welcome to share your coffee posts on Twitter every Saturday with #WeekendCoffeeShare  I mentioned at the beginning though, I work Saturdays, but love this idea so that’s why I’m posting this today! Thanks for having a drink with me, let’s do it again soon!


9 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…

  1. Definitely drinks for me, unless the coffee is in the AM only.
    So yes, i agree with the above commenter as well. I think you can still initiate convo with him, but any other moves, probably should be started by him, if he is interested that way too.
    Well said to your patient in that last part too.

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  2. What??!! LCSW? Girl, you got this! I took it about 15 yrs ago and I’m not gonna lie, you know what got me through it? Basic test taking skills. When you’re ready for the no fail way to pass the HORRENDOUS exam, let me know. No joke, every clinician I’ve ever told passes. 🙂

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      1. Oh, good. I was hoping you’d catch that I needed your email address. Lol. I was worried my comment sounded like an multi level marketing line. Lol. (It’s not). I’ll email soon. And oh, yeah. I’m Liz. I love how nobody will ask for names online these days. Lol. I have zero issues sharing my name but people seem to be so touchy about it! And I love that I’m meeting another clinical social worker in the blog land. I love our profession. Good job with validation and modeling positive self-talk. Two skills that clients can use to self-regulate and self soothe. (so in love with our work)!

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