Phone numbers were exchanged!

Phone numbers were exchanged!

Met a guy earlier in the week at the bar and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve felt such a GOOD VIBE from someone and then had the GUTS to give him my number.

He sat down next to me at the bar. I was immediately attracted to him. Long blond pony tail. Nice body. I waited about 10 minutes to talk to him…didn’t want to seem to eager. I heard him talking about Red Rocks so I asked: “Did you just go to a concert at Red Rocks?” Him: “Yesss” (with a grin). So then we started talking about all the bands we’ve seen at Red Rocks and also bands we saw at other venues in the Denver area. Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, Phish…many others…He’s seeing Ben Harper in September which would be a great show to see.

We talked about the difference between city life and small town life and all the pluses of a small town. He asked many questions….One of the first was what I do and I like to say “social work” first and when asked what field or population, than I say therapy…So when he asked for specifics and I told him, he said “That’s what my mom did” and smiled. He mentioned his brother many times and at one point, I felt he was trying to set me up with his brother.

So I then asked: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Him: “No.”

Me: “Boyfriend?”

Him: “No” and smiled again.

Me:”Good, just want to make sure I’m not overstepping any boundaries.”

We talked about places close by and I asked if he had any pictures on his phone he wanted to share, so we spent some time looking through his pics. This really is a pretty part of the country.

Our night ended by him asking if I like to camp.

Him: “My friends and I have some camping trips planned this summer so maybe you can join us.”

Me: “I WOULD love to.”


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