My 1st week working

My 1st week working

This is how my 1st week went for me:

The first day was mostly HR stuff. But at one point, a staff person came in and talked about a bucket that has items in it for emergencies in case a building ever needs to be locked down (she also talked about other stuff…she didn’t just talk about this bucket…lol). Anyways, one of the items in this bucket is a deck of cards. When she mentioned the cards, I thought about how the conversation would go when in a lock down situation: Some employee: “Want to play some Gin Rummy?”  Me: “Ummmmm….maybe some other time?”

For lunch on the first day, my agency was willing to buy lunch for new staff…and wait for it….it was SUBWAY! Yes, I know you are all like: “Daaaaaang, Subway?!!?” And yes, I know your jealousy is sky high. =) I could get Subway in the town that I just moved from that had ONE stop light. Why the heck would my new agency think someone would want Subway?

On my 2nd day of training, I was told (after I sent an email to my new boss asking where I should go on my 2nd day) to show up at 9am. I show up and about 3/4 of the day is spent looking at a computer reading about certain topics. Hmmmmmm….How about showing staff where there are resources for group therapy (Don’t have it?!? Well, get it!) How about showing staff how to handle a client who is escalating and needs to be calmed down? Or maybe, how about talking to staff about how a typical day looks like for a client? Those are 3 ideas I just thought of off the top of my head. I personally think any of them would be better than staring at a computer screen all day.

My Wed-Fri was spent observing another therapist…there’s a lot I could write about this, but already, this post is getting way too long.


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