Moving and Meeting New Men

Moving and Meeting New Men

When the movers (guys I paid) were at my house, my neighbor came over and asked them which one was my brother. She thought I said my brother was coming but he actually was going to my new house. She then asked the movers if they wanted a Hot Pocket and they said “Sure!” which made me smile.

One night in my new town, I went out to a local brewery and a 70+ year old man by the name of Bud bought me my first beer. =) He left and then a guy closer to my age sat down and we started talking. He likes the outdoors, baseball, and beer. It was easy conversation. He asked for my phone number and texted me later that night so I made my first friend in my new town.

A few nights later, I went out to check out another brewery (got to get to know my town, right?!?) and I noticed a cute guy across the bar. I decided to start up a conversation with him and found out he was WAAAY younger that I thought…A few minutes later I thought he said he had a wife.

Me: “Well, I should get going.”

Him: “Why?”

Me: “Cause I thought you just said you had a wife.”

Him: “Heck no, I don’t have wife…How old do you think I am?”

Me (checking out his handsome beard): “32???”

Him: “26”

Me: “Oh man, that’s why I should go then, you are way younger than I thought!”

Him: “I’ve been through alot…had a hard life since 12 years old.”

Me: “Soooo that’s what I saw, your old soul….”

We talked some more and he made me laugh several times, he asked me many questions, and I REALLY wanted to get his phone number, but I just couldn’t…cause he’s 26…


14 thoughts on “Moving and Meeting New Men

    1. I agree Sharn but I have both a niece and nephew who are 22 so it would be just too weird for me to date someone so close to their age…


      1. My friend, who is 40 is now pregnant to her 26 year old lover. They’ve been together for quite some time. Even if she says she ordered him young for the baby 😉

        Either way, if you aren’t comfortable, then don’t go there. Just that I think sometimes age is but a number and we could be missing out on something interesting if we shut doors.


      2. Ordered him young…haha…I like that…Believe me, if i didn’t have family that age, I would totally be open to it….And any woman who is a cougar, my thought is “You go girl!” =)

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    1. Hey Linda….so far just training…of course, I have a lot to say about it. =) I’ll write soon…it will prob be up next week =) Thanks for asking!


  1. Seriously Lisa? LMAO… you could still get his number and stuff doesn’t need to get serious right off the bat. I’m going through a dilemma with a 25 year old as well but fuck it. 🙂

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    1. I did feel weird about it but getting feedback from my friends/family said I shouldn’t so it has made me think about it some more…I guess if our paths cross again, I’ll ask for his digits =) p.s. Good luck with your 25 year old chick!


      1. I think she’s 25. Haven’t gotten around the age but she could be a little younger, like early 20s, which would be pretty disturbing. But I noticed some lines on her forehead, a little faint so I guesstimated 25, lol


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