What Blogging has Meant to Me

As a new blogger, what the blogging world has opened up and showed me is just mind blowing…it really is…I never even knew a blogging world existed in December 2014. And what’s crazy is that I never would have known of the blogging world if I never lost my job.

I don’t get the phone calls or texts from friends or family that I used to get. I KNOW everyone is busy with their kids or signifigant other and so I don’t expect to hear from them like I used to….I don’t. I understand. But it’s hard being alone and to not get that call or text.

What I have gained from the tiny 3 months of blogging is that I am truly never not alone. It just brings a smile to my face as I type it. There are others who are single and write to reach out. There are others who deal with depression and write to reach out. And then there are those who have great stories to tell and write to share them. Thank you all for writing and making me feel not so alone in this great big world

P.S. And for all my friends and family that do read this blog, I am SO happy you find my writing some what interesting and you keep coming back to read! =)



6 thoughts on “What Blogging has Meant to Me

  1. I also had no idea of the vastness of the blogging world and have been blown away by the funny, smart, and really talented, bloggers I come across every day. And it is nice to see the changes in you since you started blogging.

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    1. I agree John…I think if we wanted to, we could do a collection of stories from all of our blogs and get it published and make millions…well, maybe not millions…lol…But the writing is so great on here! And I’m also happy that things are going better for me =)

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    1. I love having this little community…it’s usually the first thing I check in the morning and one of the last things at night…that would more than likely change if I had a boyfriend…lol….but for now, I don’t mind this single life of mine =)

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