Wacky Interview Questions

Wacky Interview Questions

Last week, I was asked the best interview questions from a library in South Carolina. Here are some of them because they are too good not to share:

1. On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you? (My response: “I’m pretty quirky but I do know weirder so I think I would rate myself a 6 or a 7″).

2. What is your superpower? (My response: “I think it would be Perseverance. I think my ability to continue on and be positive once it gets difficult is strong”).

3. The zombie apocalypse has started and how prepared are you? What would be your first steps in preparation? (SERIOUSLY…This just HAD to make you smile right?!? I’ve never watched a zombie movie or tv show in my life. I responded by saying: “I don’t know if I’m that prepared…maybe I’m at a 5 on a scale of 1-10…and my first step…I guess it would be to make sure I have fire/heat…gather wood if I need to.” Now why I thought it was important to have heat if the zombies are coming, you got me, lol).

4. What was the last costume you wore? (Me: “I’m actually not a big Halloween person but I did buy a flapper dress this past Halloween in case I was invited to a party…I ended up having to work so didn’t go to any parties but now I’m ready for next year.”)

So those are the wacky interview questions…honestly, I LOVE them! It’s shows they think outside the box, they are not typical interview questions at all, and I love people who are different!



6 thoughts on “Wacky Interview Questions

  1. Re the zombie apocalypse … I have read ONE zombie book (and while the concept creeps me out, the book was great – “Raising Stony Mayhill”, by Daryl Gregory, reviewed on my blog in November last year). One thing I learned from that blog is that fire reliably kills zombies. So you were on the right track!

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  2. Hey hey, sorry I was MIA… I’ve been very busy preparing for a couple of IT certifications and I barely have any time for myself or the blog.
    So wow, this kinds of questions were for job interview? Seriously!!!! For the Zombie one, I would have said, food and a helmet. I’d want to have my brain well protected from them brain eating things.

    Congrats on the job!!!!

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    1. I figured you must have been busy with life…Thanks for the well wishes! It’s for a job I haven’t written about yet but I’m writing a little post about it now cause there are a few people on here who have been super supportive…I like your answer for the Zombie question =)


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