Hope is the most important feeling one can have. Hope that your children will grow up to be happy. Hope that your depression doesn’t stick around much longer. Hope that your marriage remains healthy and strong.

For me, I have hope that I will be employed soon. Hope that I will eventually meet my soulmate and we will have a happy life together.

When I was assessing clients who were suicidal, there were a few that I saw that had no hope and those were the ones I really worried about. I can remember one teen who was in high school. She moved out of her parents house and lived with her boyfriend for awhile. She and her boyfriend eventually broke up and so she moved back in with her mom. Her dad had just recently passed away to add to her depression. Since she was living on her own, she worked and paid for her cell phone. Back at her mom’s, one night, they had a fight and the mom’s boyfriend threw her phone and broke it. When I walked into the hospital room to talk to the teen, I could tell that not only was she sad, she felt hopeless. I saw it in her eyes. I was scared for her. I found her a place to go for inpatient therapy and I hope she is doing better today.

“Strength isn’t just about how much you can handle before you break. Sometimes it’s about how much you can keep handling after you are broken.” (I read this quote somewhere recently and I just googled it to try to figure out where and I couldn’t find the source…love the quote).



5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Your article does have some truths in it. We all have hope. Through writing, I read and connect. Through reading and blogging, people feel connected. I think this type of blogging is similar to journaling. It keeps the rodents in my head quieted down. It keeps you in the moment. By writing, someone out there is receiving and may receive help or hope. And that they are not alone.

    The lies that we tell ourselves while we are depressed are really just that. They are lies. There is always someone out there that cares.


    1. Well, I think there are times when someone doesn’t have hope…like the teen that I mentioned. And when that happens, getting help is so important and like you said, realize that they are not alone. I just discovered blogging a few months ago and I love this little community! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

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  2. Hope is everything and having delusional hope is probably better than none at all. I’m low on hope funds these days. In the beginning of your post you listed specific hopes. Most of my hope comes from knowing that anything can happen. It’s not the strongest type of hope but it’s something.


    1. I think knowing that anything can happen is a good hope to have and is a strong kind of hope. =) I’ve also been low on hope the past week so I’m reminding myself that having a little bit of hope is better than not having none at all…


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