Thankfully, not too old to flirt…Right?!?!

Thankfully, not too old to flirt…Right?!?!

While on vacation, one night I ate at a bar and after eating, a couple of guys sat down next to me. The first 3 comments that came out of one of the guy’s mouth were:

“I hate basketball.”

“I also hate Arabs. You’re not Arab are you?”

“Do you think that guy in the Star Wars t-shirt likes basketball?”

So all critical comments that just made me feel uncomfortable right away.

My response to him: “Be nice.”

He looked around and said: “Yeah, I guess I should be.”

He then decided to order us shots. He wanted to order tequila shots but I haven’t had a tequilla shot since I had way too many of them one night at a wedding in Wyoming about 15 years ago.

He talked about how he used to live in CO and asked me a few questions…He started to flirt with me but his flirting were more comments that made me feel uncomfortable. But at the moment, I thought I was uncomfortable because I hadn’t been to a bar in awhile and I thought maybe I was getting too old to flirt. When I got back to the hotel room, I asked myself, why was I weirded out? And thought about it and realized it was because the guy was being a complete ass. It had nothing to do with me. Thinking about it some more now, of course I’m not too old too flirt. I do have to start getting out more and going on more dates because I think I’m a little rusty.

So as I turn 41 tomorrow, it does feel a little weird to still be single. Depression is starting to creep back in, but it’s due to a combination of a fight with a family member and still not having a job. But since it was just three years ago when I was looking for a job and it took me an entire year to find a job, I know it takes time and I have to be patient. I know this so I wait and wait (while applying and interviewing week after week). I’m trying to remain positive through this storm.


10 thoughts on “Thankfully, not too old to flirt…Right?!?!

  1. Thanks for stopping by, and for the follow – I’m delighted to meet you! Also … I was single until I was 40 when, quite without meaning to, I found Himself on an internet dating site. It does happen. Meanwhile, keep dodging the losers!

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    1. Thank you! But I didn’t want to give up my seat at the bar! I did eventually cut my night short because of him…well, I should say, partially because of him, the drinks were too expensive also…


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