Random thoughts

Random thoughts

*Out of all the places I stayed in while visiting the beach last week, my ocean view hotel room had a view of the “stuff” for the runner’s race that was happening that weekend. Instead of the ocean, I had the view of the “start” and “finish” signs for the race….really?!!? Out of all the weekends and out of all the hotels, I was lucky enough to get this view…lol.

*A few weeks ago, why did one of my neighbors (who is retired) get up before the sun was out to use his snowblower to clear his sidewalk?? I checked later in the day…he was still there so it wasn’t like he was leaving for the day.

*It always makes me smile when my 9 pound cat snores louder than my 40 pound dog (and I really do mean snore and not purring).

*Why do people who go to church sometimes talk rudely about others? Isn’t one of the BIG ideas of church to treat others how you want to be treated?!? I don’t go to church so I don’t know but I just don’t get it…

*Finally, one of the interview questions I was asked recently was: “How do I look when I’m stressed?” Ummmm…don’t we all just look stressed when stressed?!? I think that is the most bizarre question I’ve ever had.



5 thoughts on “Random thoughts

    1. Yeah, it’s so hard for me to understand organized religion when I see many people acting one way that is SO not right and then going to church every Sunday


  1. I once had a professor whose lazy eye would fling back and forth when he was a little sexually excited (he is married now, but was a 60 year old virgin who got a degree in catholic history)… So maybe the interviewer wanted me make sure you didn’t have a strange tick like that when stressed. ;). Totally a poorly worded interview question.

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