I’ve been thinking about the concept of time the last few days. How to some, two or three years of dating might be too many years dedicated to someone if it doesn’t go anywhere. But to others, it might not carry such a heavy weight. I mentioned on another blog the other day that if you look at the big picture, that I thought three years of dating an individual is not that really long (at least in my eyes). That if you remember what you did between the ages of 18-21 or 22-25, many of us partied are butts off and had no care in the world (which I think is what everyone should do at that age). I wonder why there is that difference of opinion/weight when it comes to time. It’s interesting to think about…And of course, not one person has the right answer when it comes to time. What I am sure we all can agree on is that we need to try and enjoy every moment we have…that the time we have on this planet should not be taken for granted. So with that, this gal is off to see the ocean and can’t wait!


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