Dating in 2015

Dating in 2015


This is what dating is like in 2015…Scrolling through pics on a dating site and sometimes seeing absurd pics like this one. I’m totally serious. I really do wonder what this guy was thinking…

Or maybe clowns aren’t your thing…than how about a werewolf…IMG_20150228_084038

Most of the pics are normal, but every once in awhile, there are crazy ones like these and I just didn’t think you would believe me unless I posted them. =)

Then, there is what is written in their profiles. Here are a few of the sad responses men give and I wonder why they even bothered to set up an account on a dating website. Dating sites all have questions so I have the dating sites questions/statements first and then various responses from men.

6 things I could never do without: “I let you figure it out boo.”

I spend a lot of time thinking about: “Thumbs.” “My Little Pony.”

I’m really good at: “Listening to the radio.” “Killing Zombies.”

My self summary: “Im a chef by trade in a very private hmu if u r interested.” What the heck is a hmu?!?!

If guys are short, almost all of them lie about their height…so if it says they are 5’6″, they really are 5’4″. I don’t like to date guys who are shorter than me, so I’ve learned to look for guys who say they are at least 5’8″ and hopefully that means they are at least 5’6″ (my height).

I could go on and on…but you get the idea. I’ve said this before but will say it again, you married folks are SO LUCKY you don’t have to deal with being single at 40 (take note, young people, specifically, I’m thinking of a certain niece who is single, you are not 40 so enjoy being single now and all the dates who can/should go on until you meet the one! Once you are 40, I’ll let you complain about being single if you still are) =)

I’m not really sour grapes, dating today is just a crazy world. I do enjoy meeting someone new and always tend to learn something when I’m out on a first date….it’s just finding that normal guy that takes A LOT of time and effort.


5 thoughts on “Dating in 2015

  1. And here I thought NYC was the worst place to date and full of psychos. Also I had planned on moving to Colorado earlier this year but I see I would face the same dating situation as in NYC. But seriously, those responses? Good Lord lol

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  2. Oh, I completely believe everything you say. I met my husband 14 years ago through online dating and had to wade through a lot of weirdos to find him. Before I even saw his picture, I was impressed by his thoughtful answers to all the profile questions, written in compete sentences with excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Also, he was cute, mentally healthy, and emotionally available – an oasis in a desert of unacceptable potential suitors. I can only imagine how much more frustrating online dating is now that it’s more mainstream, but don’t give up hope. The time and effort are worth it.

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