My first love-at 28

My first love-at 28

In 2002, I fell in love with someone too quickly and it didn’t last long, but amazingly we are still friends today-let’s call him Seth.

I met Seth at a bar and after we had our first kiss, he called and left a message asking if I wanted to go hiking. I had class that weekend and since I didn’t have Seth’s phone number, I changed the voicemail on my phone telling Seth I was sorry that I couldn’t go. I went down to the bar the next week and Seth was there and my heart jumped a beat. Seth asked if I wanted to go to dinner the next night and of course I said yes. A few days later, I invited him over for dinner.

So, we began to spend more time together. We played a lot of cards (I was thrilled he wanted to play because Chris and I never played even though he knew I liked to-it really is the simple things sometimes); spent some time in the mountains; and some evenings dancing at Quixote’s. One night I told Seth: “It’s weird how comfortable I feel with you…I don’t even think I ever felt this comfortable when I dated Chris.” Him: “How long did you date him?” Me: “Off and on for a few years.” Him: “Damn.” There was this conncection I felt with Seth I never felt with anyone else…never.

After a couple of months, I figured out Seth wasn’t totally into me and so I thought we should just be friends, even though I was still attracted to him. I didn’t want to force anything that wasn’t there. I caused a little drama but am thankful Seth realized it was because my heart was broken.

Some of you might be wondering how I’m doing…I’m still feeling sad and not myself…but it did help to get four hugs from my 7 year old nephew this past weekend. Also, what I am finding common in many blogs is that people turn to blogs to help them get through a difficult time to help them learn, grow, and move forward. I think this blog is helping me some…


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