“Send me the bill” and thoughts about a tragic event in Denver last week

“Send me the bill” and thoughts about a tragic event in Denver last week

One other thing I want to mention about depression that I should have in my last post is that I realize that some of you suffer from depression due to a history of mental illness in the family that it is passed on from one generation to the next. That “going through a difficult time” doesn’t cause your depression like it has for me. That sometimes, just trying to get out of bed is difficult. Nothing has to trigger it…And I heart you. I found an amazing post about dealing with depression (or really it can apply to any mental illness one has to face day in and day out) and you can find it here: http://justagirlashleigh.blogspot.com/

Some good news: the night after I posted my second blog, was the first night in weeks and weeks when I was able to sleep without taking any Ambien (yet, even when taking the Ambien, I was only getting about four hours of sleep most nights…unless I took a 2nd Ambien but then I would feel groggy all morning).

But to be completely honest, I did cry on my way to the grocery store the next day…I tend to cry in the middle of the day sometimes which I’ve never done before.

Later in the day a family member called me (let’s call him/her K) and started crying and then I started crying (don’t want to say who it was because K is a private person). But let me tell you, it would be a great moment for a movie-a tear jerker. Anyways, K is concerned about me and said wants to see me happy. Encouraged me to set up an appointment with a therapist and said “send me the bill.” I haven’t seen a therapist since being fired because…well, it’s a weird reason, but didn’t want the therapist that I have seen a few times up here lose respect about me. Very weird reason isn’t it. I saw a therapist about 6 months ago because for work, I had to assess a crisis that was really difficult to assess for me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Going definitely helped. So I have an appointment set for tomorrow.

Then, to totally change topics (cause I can do that cause it’s my blog), I want to briefly write about a tragic event that happened in Denver last week because it concerns me how unsympathetic so many people can be (obviously none of you because I’m friends with all of you, but man, I couldn’t get this out of my head last week). A 17 year old was killed by a police officer because she hit an officer with a car. News came back that I believe said it caused the officer to have a fractured leg.

My post on our local NBC’s news facebook page said this: “I’m very sad by the negativity that people posted about this teenager and her family online. I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened but she is someone’s daughter and someone’s friend. If the police truly were acting in self defense, fine, but you don’t need to be so hateful and say ‘she deserves it.’ I wouldn’t want my enemy shot to death.”

I said this because in less than 24 hours after the death, here are some of the comments people made:

“Her parents want a full investigation…where the hell were they when she was stealing a car?” (459 likes…459…can you believe it?)

“How about don’t steal cars and commit crimes and you’re chance of getting shot are greatly reduced.” (38 likes)

“No sympathy. Obey the freaking laws.” (32 likes)

Honestly, someone just died tragically and 33 people have no sympathy?!?! I understand this teenager made a decision that cost her life…but how about saying: “thoughts and prayers are with both the teenager’s family and the police officers who had to respond to this situation.”


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